Sahar Sarshar 

Emmy award-winning TV producer, documentary filmmaker, video journalist & photographer
Sahar works on productions that air both nationally and internationally. Her short-form features and news pieces impact thousands all over the world. Sahar received an Emmy award for Outstanding Feature in a News Magazine in 2016.  She also received Three medals at the 2016 New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards Competition

Jen Bricker

Emmy award-winning feature story

Gold and Silver Medal Winner at the 2016  New York Festivals International TV & Film Awards Competition

Self Narrated Mini documentary produced for CCTV America

  1. Rob Greenfield - Dumpster Diver
  2. Salome Mc - Price of Freedom (بهای رهایی) ft. SplytSecond
  3. Cloud Mapping with Arijit Das
  4. Nadia Janjua - Artist
  5. Moombahton Massive
Visual Storyteller
Whether it's a documentary, video story, photograph or the written word -Sahar specializes in illuminating the unique aspects of a story that others may skim over.  She approaches topics with deep empathy, curiosity and symbolism.  Sahar's goal is for the viewer to  share a deep connection and sense of curiosity with the subject, forgetting that any other person was ever involved in bringing the story to life.
Specializing in capturing stories through others perspective